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Neosys is a trusted provider of network

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Neosys Technology Development

Have an "impossible" project that others have told you cannot be done?

Looking to outsource a critical piece of technology development?

Neosys can help! We have been told so many times that technologies we wanted to outsource were "impossible"... However, that didn't stop us. We simply researched until we found a viable solution and then proceeded to develop our technology based on that idea. If it didn't work, we kept at it until we hurdled all barriers. Here are some examples of new technology we have developed:

Neosys can take your project to the next level. Contact us to propose your development project and we will discuss pricing and opportunities. Generally speaking, development work will run at $75-95/hour with an estimate given prior to project start. Once accepted, one half of payment is required up-front with the remainder upon satisfactory completion. Typically, a new estimate will be provided -as necessary- as the project progresses.

We will -in rare cases- consider a monthly retainer fee for on-going or long-term projects.



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