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Neosys provides desktop support for

in-home & small business customers.

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Neosys is a trusted provider of network

and security infrastructure design,

integration, and optimization.

Neosys develops business critical

applications and new technologies

to enhance growth in key markets.

About Neosys

Our consulting firm was founded in 1998 by Brandon Elliott and has been pioneering complex technologies for small businesses and corporate giants alike. Mr. Elliott quickly propelled Neosys into the forefront of technology by developing a travel agent sales tool that swept the online travel agent market by storm.

Due to unavoidable events, that project was forced to be abandoned by outside influences.

However, years later, Mr. Elliott rose to the challenge once again to develop several unique services targeting various niche markets. Mr. Elliott is also a high-level consultant to various clientele throughout the United States who require his unique qualifications and superior problem-solving talents.

In a sense, Mr. Elliott is a one-man team in and of himself. He has attained CISSP, MCSE, CCNA, MCP+I, A+, and other certifications. His range of project types span across software development for small business data entry to network security for Federal Reserve financial institutions moving billions of dollars per day. His unique and wide range of experience allows him to view things from multiple perspectives and employ best practice solutions quickly and efficiently.

Mr. Elliott may be a one-man team and can handle any project thrown at him, but he also has a team of ready consultants from which to draw upon whenever a project requires more time than he can commit to that single project. No project is too big...

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