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Neosys Launches jAv.Vy NoFollow Marketplace

December 16, 2007 – Neosys announces that it has completed a quick-launch project re-using existing code upon which was based the LinkSmile marketplace. However, jAvVy is a marketplace specifically targeting those seeking a "safe" alternative to "Text Link Ad Buying."

Webmasters can join jAvVy at

The beauty of not "going against the grain" with Search Engines is that jAvVy is able to list it's inventory of sites online for visitors to immediately determine the value of advertising. Although only a portion of available inventory is online, members can request a free, no-obligation quote. With a focus on sites that drive relevant traffic to generate leads and sales, jAvVy is positioned to be a new leader in this market.

The back-end powering jAvVy is based on LinkSmile core technology and has all the same functionality. The only caveat is that it employs links containing rel=nofollow or publishes using javascript methods. Both of these methods are deemed "safe" by all search engines and can still drive traffic and brand awareness. Through brand awareness and additional marketing efforts, a quality business will earn free, inbound text links! CEO of Neosys, Brandon Elliott, poses the question: "That's what the Internet is all about anyway, right?"

jAvVy offers a plethora of services and markets customers across a wide spectrum of advertising methods -depending upon budget. So, options are definitely not limited at jAvVy.



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