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Neosys Launches a Free Website Thumbnail Generator

September 01, 2007 – Neosys announces that it has completed a project whereby webmasters can display website thumbnails on their site to enhance it's look-and-feel and to instill trust to its visitors when displaying outbound links. This is provided as a free service and is planned to stay free indefinitely.

Webmasters can join ShrinkTheWeb at

While the single, biggest draw for this service will most likely be that it is FREE, here is a short list of features that separates Shrink The Web from the competition:

  • Provides real-time responses for thumbnails already cached!
  • ShrinkTheWeb allows permanent caching of requested thumbnails!
  • Supports subdomain thumbnails! (i.e.
  • Accessible via our open API (PHP website thumbnail generator code supplied)
  • Fully Supports Flash Embedding and HTML! (i.e. <[img src]=""><[/img]>)
  • Fully Supports Javascript Embedding! (i.e. )
  • Simple and easy to integrate using our wizard code generator

The service is backed by a number of dedicated servers and will queue thumbnails for sites not already "captured" by the automated thubmail service. In most cases, a queued thumbnail will be ready within a minute and will be available the next time a user requests it!



Neosys Consulting is an innovator and technology pioneer whose mission is to deliver unique, new services aimed at providing much needed online services better than competitors and for providing ideal solutions for business critical problems in the real world.

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