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Neosys Sets Loose the Neobus Search Crawler

August 01, 2007 – Neosys announces that it has completed the long anticipated development of its proprietary search crawler and website indexer. This project opens the doors for indexing the web and providing search results based on a proprietary algorithm that seeks to offer more "fair" results to the end user than one will find on competing search engines.

User may visit Neobus Search at:

This is because we take into account a good many factors when calculating a website's relevance and ranking power. Other search engine models are flawed by design and that has become apparent more and more over the past several years as unscrupulous webmasters have exploited those weaknesses.

We believe that our algorithm -while not perfect- has a more stable foundation to provide useful results once the index is large enough to accommodate a variety of searches.

The Neosys-built search engine is known as "Neobus Search" and is currently in BETA-testing while building its initial index of websites. Also in BETA-testing is the publisher portion of the ad system which will allow publishers to place contextually relevant search ads on their pages and earn a hefty percentage of the earnings for clicks from their sites. A more stringent approval process will separate the Neobus search network from the competition. The competition in this market is plagued by "click fraud" or "fake" / "automated" clicks intended to defraud advertisers, but Neobus will weed out the obvious frauders -whereas the competition (as of the time of this release) has no policy for dealing with these types of webmasters. It's currently a come-one, come-all program where the advertisers are the losers.

Neobus Search strives to change that and finally make pay-per-click (or PPC) profitable once again.



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