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Neosys Consulting Services

Network Consulting

Neosys is comprised of consultants who are expert problem solvers. We do not employ our people based solely on academic achievement or solely based upon experience. Rather, we strive to identify free-thinkers who can analyze any given problem and work efficiently towards a solution. Naturally, academic progress and real-world experience play a big part in the efficiency part of someone's abilities; so it is a combination of the two that we evaluate.

As a result, you will find only the highest caliber professionals as part of the Neosys team.

Our top-level consultants are proficient in their "focus areas", generally have a variety of cross-industry talents, and typically hold (or have held) various industry certifications. These include -but are not limited to- CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional), CCNA (Certified Cisco Network Associate), MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer), CompTIA A+ Hardware, et cetera. This is a small sample of what you will find working with Neosys. Do you have a problem? Let Neosys be your solution!



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Security Consulting

Neosys has a good deal of experience in securing networks from small, home office networks (SOHO) to massive, Federal Reserve Bank networks. Analyzing and identifying security loopholes is achieved by a number of tactics including -but not limited to- topographical network review, packet analysis, penetration testing, intrusion detection for our simulated attacks, systems security, desktop security, and social engineering techniques (testing security training and resolve of employees).

Due to the fact that our top-level consultants are multi-topic knowledgable, more bases can be covered by a single consultant. For large projects, a team of highly competent consultants can ensure that your security policies are air-tight and dynamically evolving. Neosys can keep your secret data, secret.



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