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Neosys is a trusted provider of network

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Neosys develops business critical

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Neosys Consulting Services

Desktop Support (i.e. In-Home / Small Business)

Unlike most consulting firms who put their lowest paid (i.e. less experienced) consultants on projects for small business customers and in-home customers, Neosys excels by putting the same highly qualified, trained, and experienced staff on your projects that we use for our larger corporate clients!

Rest assured that our consultants can handle any task -big or small- and won't be stumped by common issues -which our consultants have probably already seen in the field before. What does this mean?

It means that Neosys rates for in-home and small business are the same as our normal rates, BUT you can be confident that we will complete the job in much less time than other consulting firms.


Example Scenario Market Average Neosys
Hourly Rates: $95/hour $85/hour
Basic Network Setup:* 6 - 12 hours** 4 - 8 hours
Total Project Cost: $570 - $900 $340 - $680
Fixed priced quotes available upon request.


*something like a few desktops/laptops, a wi-fi router, and a high-speed Internet connection
**assuming they don't break anything in the process and backups of your critical data have been made


Additionally, our extensive experience across a wide range of technology fields allows us to quickly identify problem issues and deal with them in a timely manner. Most lesser experienced consultants from other firms will spend a lot of time just fumbling around in an effort to identify the problem.

So, if you have a project -even a small project like setting up a home network, consider Neosys. If you want it done right the first time, done efficiently, and done with the safety of your information in mind; you want to call Neosys today. We look forward to speaking with you!



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Network Consulting

Neosys is comprised of consultants who are expert problem solvers. We do not employ our people based solely on academic achievement or solely based upon experience. Rather, we strive to identify free-thinkers who can analyze any given problem and work efficiently towards a solution. Naturally, academic progress and real-world experience play a big part in the efficiency part of someone's abilities; so it is a combination of the two that we evaluate.

As a result, you will find only the highest caliber professionals as part of the Neosys team.

Our top-level consultants are proficient in their "focus areas", generally have a variety of cross-industry talents, and typically hold (or have held) various industry certifications. These include -but are not limited to- CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional), CCNA (Certified Cisco Network Associate), MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer), CompTIA A+ Hardware, et cetera. This is a small sample of what you will find working with Neosys. Do you have a problem? Let Neosys be your solution!



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Security Consulting

Neosys has a good deal of experience in securing networks from small, home office networks (SOHO) to massive, Federal Reserve Bank networks. Analyzing and identifying security loopholes is achieved by a number of tactics including -but not limited to- topographical network review, packet analysis, penetration testing, intrusion detection for our simulated attacks, systems security, desktop security, and social engineering techniques (testing security training and resolve of employees).

Due to the fact that our top-level consultants are multi-topic knowledgable, more bases can be covered by a single consultant. For large projects, a team of highly competent consultants can ensure that your security policies are air-tight and dynamically evolving. Neosys can keep your secret data, secret.



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Technology Development

We have an entire page devoted to this topic, so we won't bore you with details here.

In short, Neosys has solved a number of "impossible" problems and even overcame limitations inherent with current technologies when others laughed at the prospect of doing so. Solving any problem is simply a matter of time. So far, we have never been unable to solve a problem we have undertaken!

Read more about our technology development services...



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Strategic Planning

Neosys executives are skilled in identifying target markets, niche markets, and better positioning of a business based on its long-term goals and core principles. Mapping out your progress forward includes a review of your current mission statement and objectives in an effort to target the proper segments of your chosen market.

Consultants from the Neosys team bring experience and ingenuity to the table. We are also excellent communicators by way of listening carefully and articulating well to executive-level offices all the way down to hands-on managers. We can coordinate and communicate between your technical staff and your managerial staff, because we are able to translate technical jargon into layman's terms. Your executive team will even enjoy the fact that we talk dollars and cents and have had ample experience dealing with upper management on a day-to-day basis for reporting and brainstorming purposes.



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Search Engine Optimization

The Imagion arm of Neosys is aptly suited to design, re-design, and/or market your business online. We understand search engines (and even built one) and have been successful in promoting our own ventures as well as customer websites. The Imagion web design team is able to take your ideas from concept to market or take an existing business and revamp it to achieve its maximum potential.

Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) is a culmination of a number of factors. The more bases you cover; the better prepared your site will be for optimal search rankings. For some markets, addressing a few factors may get you the rankings (and therefore, natural search engine traffic) you need to build your business. However, more competitive markets may require many (or all) factors be addressed in order to achieve success. Some of those factors include:

  • Validated HTML/XHTML content - proper coding is a best practice irregardless of SEO

  • Cross-Browser Compatibility - increase sales and ensure search engines can index your pages

  • CSS design - can help pages load quickly and better prioritize key information

  • Highlighting - highlighting words or using bold and large letters helps visitors and search engines

  • Navigation - simple navigation helps visitors and search engines

  • Web 2.0 - geared towards sites designed for visitor experience but also promotes healthy design
    • Simple layout and design
    • Simple and clear navigational structure
    • Central layout (more up-front; confident)
    • Fewer columns (less confusing; fewer decisions per page)
    • Separate top section (visually differentiate logo area from "action" area)
    • Big, bold Logo Design
    • Big, bold Icon use
    • Larger text - make it easier to read
    • Highly graphical with attractive, vibrant color use
    • Divide sections of site using large patches of color --when appropriate
    • Reflections and gradients for more realistic look-and-feel

  • Content - your website must be unique and clear in purpose for both visitors and search engines

  • META Tags - page descriptors used by most search engines. Low priority but important nonetheless

  • Link Votes - perhaps most relevant is inbound links. We work to earn you links from relevant sites

  • Spam Avoidance - overall review of a site to remove keyword stuffing, cloaked pages, etc

Although we are very familiar with "Black Hat SEO" techniques, we will not accept any client who requests or desires to employ them. During development of our search engine, it was necessary to employ quite a bit of code simply to weed out "spammy" sites. So, we understand how cumbersome of an undertaking that can be. We also pride ourselves on our reputation for delivering quality solutions that endure. Therefore, we will only accept customers who want to do things the right way (i.e. "White Hat" SEO).

In any case, we will identify the minimum requirement for your success and let you build from there.



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Search Engine Marketing

The difference of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) versus Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is that search engine optimization strives to earn natural search engine visitors through unique content, on-page optimization, and off-page advertising while search engine marketing seeks to obtain relevant visitors through a pay-per-visitor model.

The Imagion arm of Neosys is also aptly suited to market your website via management of your search engine advertising campaigns. We can identify ideal key terms to target for the best return on investment and will include reporting to quickly locate the highest ROI returns for campaign optimization.

Some methods employed with this type of marketing are:

  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) - pay a specified amount per visitor. Subject to fraud, must monitor closely

  • Impression-based - pay for each time your ad is shown. Subject to fraud, must monitor closely

  • Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) - pay per signup/sale. Useful and effective for some types of programs

  • Monthly Lease - pay a set fee per month for a banner or text link advertisement. Avoids most fraud.

In any case, we will identify the minimum requirement for your success and let you build from there.



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